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As debate about the legalization of marijuana continues in Canada, physicians are joining the fray. Ottawa family physician Don Kilby is working hard to make it easier for ill patients to use the marijuana that alleviates their symptoms. A recent case in Toronto indicates that the courts are starting to share these views.


... (marijuana, marihuana, hashish) appeared in the 1960 s and stimulated an intense discussion on the issue in the 1970 s, 80 s, and 90 s (No authors, 1969;Farnsworth, 1971;Carroll, 1981-82;Gray, 1998;DuPont, 1999). This controversial discussion is far from completion (Brooks, Gundersen, Flynn, Brooks-Russell, & Bull 2017;Kalant, 2016;Troutt & DiDonato, 2015). ...