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IntroductionSince 2015 is the year of FinTech in Taiwan, it is worth investigating the challenges that emerged when banks were encouraged to invest in FinTech companies for collaboration. This study aims to identify the strategic considerations in the process of searching for FinTech investment targets. Case descriptionThis study used a case study...


... At the same time, it reduces the cost of government identification of violations, the cost of supervision among partners and regulates the market behavior of enterprises. On the other hand, the banks and the government, enterprises, regulatory authorities to achieve market integration and information sharing, help to enhance the industrial chain upstream and downstream collaboration (Hung and Luo 2016), timely grasp of product demand, technology updates, market information collection and other aspects of information sharing and integration, government departments can also timely launch key support industrial policies, so that enterprises can timely grasp the market demand trends, timely adjust production, reduce the storage cost of procurement materials, produce products urgently needed in the market, promote the rational allocation of social resources and better serve the development of social production. Moreover, banks use big data, AI, deep learning and other technologies to expand the dimension of risk information acquisition, build a customercentered risk panorama, intelligently identify potential risk points and transmission paths, enhance the forward-looking and predictive nature of risks and improve the level of bank risk governance (Sheng 2020;Liu and Pun 2022;Wever et al. 2022). ...