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A hybrid recommendation algorithm of psychological counseling information based on user profile and item tag attribute with singular value decomposition(SVD) technology is developed. To solve the problem of data sparsity of the recommendation algorithm, the SVD technology is applied to collaborative filtering algorithm for optimizing the user item...
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The hybrid neural network model proposed in this paper consists of two main parts: extracting local features of text vectors by convolutional neural network, extracting global features related to text context by BiLSTM, and fusing the features extracted by the two complementary models. In this paper, the pre-processed sentences are put into the hyb...


... A commonly used clustering algorithm in various fields is based on the partitioning method. It is not easy to obtain valuable information from the fragmented student information by traditional methods, so the fragmented student psychological data are formed into multiple correlation infographics according to the associated attributes [4]. By using cluster analysis in the student psychological education system, we can analyze the potential value of information on student psychology and the correlation between each information factor from the vast amount of student psychometric data in a school database and provide more scientific solutions for student mental health to the general psychological teaching staff. ...