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The paper provides the results of a detailed analysis of timber volume and the most important crown variables of black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia Linnaeus) based on an experimental plot in southern Hungary. At the age of 20 years the crop trees belonged to different height classes. If the volume of the mean tree from height class I is considered...


... Indeed, Sumida et al. (2013) supported that DBH is related to the diameter at the base of the live crown, based on 20-year data from Hinoki cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa) stands. However, DBH has been related mostly to other crown traits, such as crown diameter and width, crown projected area and height of live crown base, in different forest species (Grote 2003, Blanchard et al. 2016, as well as in black locust (Moser et al. 2015, Carl et al. 2017, Rédei et al. 2018. To our knowledge, the relationship between DBH and the diameter at the base of the live crown received little attention (Lockhart et al. 2005), but it has been verified also by our findings (Fig. 6B) and it may be a useful tool to predict Dhlc based on the easily measured DBH. ...