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The effects of an oregano and/or rosemary (Origanum vulgare L. and/or Rosmarinus officinalis L.) dietary supplementation to the diet of fattening pigs were investigated. Thirty-two grower-finisher pigs (45 kg) were divided into four dietary groups identified as: control diet (CTR); CTR+ 0.2% oregano (O); CTR + 0.2% rosemary(R), and CTR+ 0.1% oregan...


... Alternative feeding regimes supplemented with different forms of plant extracts or essential plant-oil derivatives have also led to reduced expression of inflammatory markers and improved digestion [200,[231][232][233][234][235]. Polyphenol supplemented diets in pigs also tend to induce higher proportions of polyunsaturated fatty acids and other anti-oxidants (e.g., GSHPx, and Vitamin E) in muscle tissue, possibly by sparing those other anti-oxidants from oxidation reactions [236][237][238][239][240]. ...