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Measurement of extracellular enzymic activity in wetland soils can give an indication of the ecosystems biogeochemical processes, and rates of nutrient and carbon cycling. Analysis of these have allowed researchers to gain an understanding of the ecosystems’ microbial ecology and how it can be affected by environmental factors. Here we give a detai...


... Peat cores extracted to a depth of 160 cm were stored at 4 • C for less than 1 week in the laboratory before homogenization to determine potential soil enzyme activities. We performed hydrolytic enzyme assays for four enzymes -phosphatase, β-N-glucosaminidase, β-glucosidase, and βcellobiosidase -using fluorogenic 4-methylumbelliferone labelled substrates (Dunn et al., 2014). We assayed oxidative enzyme activity by measuring laccase activity using syringaldazine (Criquet et al., 2000;Jassey et al., 2012). ...