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Ever demanding forces of globalisation have introduced new discourses into curriculum planning in the higher education. In order to sustain in the knowledge based economy and to deal with demand in job market, incorporation of competency based curriculum is emerging as a necessity in higher education sector. In order to develop competency based cur...


... Such a curriculum, in theory, is learner-centred and flexible enough to meet the changing requirements of students, teachers and society in general. Barman and Konwar (2011) described competency-based curriculum as a curriculum for the education that prioritises a student's special skills and capabilities rather than solely concentrating on academics and test results. Cremers et al. (2005) defined competency-based curriculum as a type of school curriculum in which specific objectives are defined for each process in which a person, an institution, or a program is evaluated and recognized as meeting predetermined standards of the separate skills taught in training programs with integrated instructional and practical instruction and successful completion of an examination demonstrating mastery of every skill. ...