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We present the results of the first year of the field work carried out at Lapa da Bugalheira (Almonda, Torres Novas) by the ARQEVO research project. We have identified an Early Neolithic occupation featuring a characteristic artefact assemblage with impressed wares (both cardial and “boquique”), geometric microliths and ornaments. The age of the as...
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The Middle Pleistocene is a crucial time period for studying human evolution in Europe, because it marks the appearance of both fossil hominins ancestral to the later Neandertals and the Acheulean technology. Nevertheless, European sites containing well-dated human remains associated with an Acheulean toolkit remain scarce. The earliest European ho...


... Here we report the initial results from a multidisciplinary investigation including taxonomy, taphonomy, and geochronology designed to evaluate the potential of Los Villares. Carretero et al., 2004) and associated typo-technological assemblages (Ollé et al., 2013), has been well documented in Atapuerca (Sima de Los Huesos and Gran Dolina TD10) and Gruta de Aroeira (Daura et al., 2017) at the end of the Tagus Basin (Portugal). This species, now considered as "pre-Neanderthal" , produced a Mode 2 technology associated with systematic and directional carcass processing, includ-ing hunting events like in Gran Dolina TD10 (García-Medrano et al., 2015;Rodriguez-Hidalgo et al., 2017). ...