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Peripheral nervous system origin of phantom limb pain Apostol Vaso a, Haim-Moshe Adahan b, Artan Gjika a, Skerdi Zahaj a, Tefik Zhurda a, Gentian Vyshka c, Marshall Devor d,⇑ a Pain and Rehabilitation Clinic, National Trauma Center, Trauma University Hospital and Galenus Clinic, Tirana, Albania b Pain Rehabilitation Unit, Chaim Sheba Medical Center...
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Nearly all amputees continue to feel their missing limb as if it still existed, and many experience chronic phantom limb pain (PLP). There is currently a broad consensus among investigators that the origin of these sensations is a top-down phenomenon, triggered by loss of sensory input and caused by maladaptive cortical plasticity. We tested the al...


... 41 In addition, an increasing number of studies have indicated that the DRG has become a driver of spontaneous pain in PHN 42 as it can be a second major locus of ectopic spontaneous and evoked electrogenesis in severe neuropathic pain. [43][44][45] That is why the DRG has become a priority target for intervention in PHN treatment. ...