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This chapter discusses the physical and biological features of five major Mexican rivers-the Río Pánuco, Usumacinta-Grijalva rivers, Río Candelaria, the Yaqui, and the Río Conchos. Five additional rivers-the Chihuahuan Desert's Río Salado; the Río Tamesí, which joins the Río Pánuco near its mouth; the Río Fuerte, which flows through some of the con...


... In order to obtain southern freshwater inputs, a time series is built based on the composite of temperature, salinity, volume transport and nutrient concentration at the location of the freshwater sources or near it. The information is obtained from values reported in the literature (Milliman and Syvitski, 1992;Herrera-Silveira et al., 2002Yáñez Arancibia and Day, 2004;Hudson et al., 2005;Herrera-Silveira and Morales-Ojeda, 2010;Poot-Delgado et al., 2015;Kemp et al., 2016;Conan et al., 2016) and from observational hydrographic stations near the Yucatán coast (Sect. 2.3). ...