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1. The Classification of Rites2. The Territorial Passage3. Individuals and Groups4. Pregnancy and Childbirth5. Birth and Childhood6. Initiation Rites7. Betrothal and Marriage8. Funerals9. Other Types of Rites of PassageConclusions


... This state, and the fighters' close contact with death, made warriors liminal agents, and hence dangerous as they risked polluting their communities with death when they returned (Turner, 1969). Thus, many societies may have had an ambivalent relationship to their warriors, both venerating them and seeing them as uncanny and potentially threatening (van Gennep, 1960;Turner, 1969;Horn, 2011;Ling & Cornell, 2017;Mörtz, 2018). Perhaps the threat was not just a perceived spiritual threat. ...