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The term IRIS is almost solely used in human immunodeficiency virus seropositive patients who initiated anti-retroviral therapy (ART), the term paradoxical reaction is generally used to describe a clinical worsening of tuberculosis disease after the initiation of antituberculosis treatment. Distinguishing this paradoxical reaction (PR) from disease...


... In our study 19.6% os suspected Figure 1: District wise H1N1 positive cases in percentage children were found positive for H1N1 which was in accordance to Li et al. [10] and Tresoldi et al., [11] while Mandal et al. [12] observed higher positivity rate (47.5%). We found that majority of patients (44.5%) were of 1-5 years' age and were males; similar findings were reported by Pushpalatha et al. [13] and Mishra et al. [14] We observed that maximum H1N1 positivity (24.1%) was found in the 6-10 years of age group, presumably because they go to schools and hence have a transition in environmental exposure. Chaitanya et al. [15] showed highest H1N1 positivity (66.6%) in 1-6 years' age groups of children. ...