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Introducing the Model The Viable System Model (VSM) is not a new idea. Created by Stafford Beer over twenty years ago, it has been used extensively as a conceptual tool for understanding organizations, redesigning them (where appropriate) and supporting the management of change. Despite its successful application within numerous private and public...


... Starting from the early works of Sergio Barile (2000Barile ( , 2008Barile ( , 2009a and Gaetano Golinelli (2000aGolinelli ( , b, 2005Golinelli ( , 2010, V SA has been developed over recent decades providing generalizable models of individual and organizations viewed as viable systems (Espejo & Harnden, 1989;Espejo & Gill, 1997;Yolles, 1999). In Table 1, ten main groups of concepts and relative propositions are listed to summarize key constructs of V SA. ...