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South Africa, as an upper middle-income, resource-intensive developing country with an open economy, has to find innovative ways to combat poverty, promote economic growth and reduce the intensity of resource use, simultaneously. One option is to explore the plausibility of achieving a double dividend by levying a tax on water and energy and recycl...


... It is called Double Dividend of Environmental Regulation Policies (Morgenstern et al. 2002;Bezdek et al. 2008), and their empirical research results support the second viewpoint which takes the operational data of American industries and Chinese manufacturing industries, respectively, for empirical analysis. Environmental tax is regarded as a typical mean of environmental regulation; Heerden et al. (2006) and Radulescu et al. (2017) analyze the impact of environmental tax on employment rate in Europe and South Africa, respectively. And their studies prove that the Double Dividend of Environmental Tax is significant. ...