Anne-Marie Dubois's research while affiliated with Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment and other places

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The Chapter 13 describes the usage of computer and software systems in the perspective of integrated Construction Information Management.
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The connection of various building performance evaluation tools in a collaborative way is an essential request to develop true CAD systems. It is a basic requirement for the future of integrated information systems for building projects, where data concerning multiple aspects of the project can be exchanged during the different design steps. This p...
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This article provides a review of two main research projects carried out at the French Scientific and Technical Center for Building (CSTB) in the area of artificial intelligence applied to building engineering. We first describe the software engineering techniques used to develop the computer environments. Then we present the architecture of an adv...


... Until then, computers had been mainly used to perform calculations and the emergence of AAI (applied artificial intelligence) as a disciplinary field of its own has opened the door to new ways of thinking especially with respect to what computers could be used for [2]. In the AEC sector, the first research projects having the objective to support through a common data model [3,4] various design functions were initiated [5], often with an emphasis on HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) performance simulations. The design stage was considered at the time as the main area where ICT (information and communication technologies) would bring value [6] for the simple reason that computer where already widely solicited for CAD (computer aided-design), structural engineering and thermal performance modelling and also because early choices have important economic consequences, e.g., up to 70% of the total life cycle cost of a product is committed by decisions made in the early stages of design [7]. ...
... The column vector W k represents the weight vector indicating the kth neuron in the output layer [31]. ...