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The contemporary development of immersive virtual reality interfaces holds untapped potential for the rehabilitation and motor-cognitive training of older adults. Despite the parallel development of gamification methods involving users in interactive experiences and the dynamic development of sensors and techniques for tracking human bio-physiologi...


... The definition planted augmented reality in a subset of mixed reality but not virtual reality, in which the continuum shall not embed the case of virtual reality at the extrema [48] . In practice, mixed reality accents by integrating real-world and virtual-world objects with real-time interactions, which could ameliorate the immersive level of the virtuality [49] Virtual rehabilitation or training with X-reality-based interventions were readily used and demonstrated promising results in different areas, including motor [50] , cognitive [51] , behavioural [52] , emotional [ 53 , 54 ], in addition to physiotherapy [55] , physical training [56] , promotion of physical fitness [57] . They were also applied in scenarios, such as life skills training [58] , and career training [59] . ...