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This working paper discusses how governments can use practical, flexible approaches to determine if and how finance is supporting locally led adaptation (LLA) to climate change. As national governments invest in building resilience to climate impacts, many are recognizing the importance of LLA. LLA recognizes that people closest to the effects of c...
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Cities are increasingly integrating climate adaptation priorities into development policies and plans. However, there remains a gap in understanding how incremental urban adaptation solutions can lead to more transformative change over the long term. Transformative adaptation reorients urban climate actions around addressing entrenched equity and...


... If we focus for a moment on Elpis rather than the other troubles released from the box, we should note that there is now greater awareness of the climate crisis and its impact on the home of the majority of the human population, the cities of the world. It is in cities of the world where adaptation and mitigation policies are being most tried and tested [79]. That leaves us with the intriguing possibility that cities are both the cause of many of our problems of climate change but could also be a solution [80,81]. ...