Anindita Ghosh's research while affiliated with Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz and other places

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"How can we animate 3D-characters from a movie script or move robots by simply telling them what we would like them to do?" "How unstructured and complex can we make a sentence and still generate plausible movements from it?" These are questions that need to be answered in the long-run, as the field is still in its infancy. Inspired by these proble...


... The generation of realistic 3D human motions has applications in virtual reality, the games industry, and any application that requires motion capture data. Recently, controlling 3D human motion synthesis with semantics has received increasing attention [13,30,11,31]. The task concerns inputting semantics in the form of categorical actions, or free-form natural language descriptions, and outputting a series of 3D body poses. ...