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Background Female genital mutilation (FGM) can leave a lasting mark on the lives and minds of those affected. Aim To assess the consequences of FGM on women’s sexual function in women who have undergone FGM compared to women who have not undergone FGM. Methods A systematic review and meta-analysis were conducted from 3 databases; inclusion and ex...


... This is largely due to difficulties involved in measuring sexuality in finding an appropriate comparison group as well as the complex interplay between physical, psychological and sociocultural aspects of sexuality (Esho, 2012;Johnson-Agbakwu and Warren, 2017). Thus, some studies find increased risk of impaired sexual function among women who have undergone FGC (Esho et al., 2017;Rouzi et al., 2017;Buggio et al., 2019;Pérez-López et al., 2020;Nzinga et al., 2021) while others do not (Obermeyer, 2005;Catania et al., 2007;Abdulcadir, 2016). Many of these studies, however, do not distinguish between the different types of FGC or variations in the anatomical extent of the cutting. ...