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Artificial lighting allows humans to be active at night, but has many unintended consequences, including interference with ecological processes, disruption of circadian rhythms and increased exposure to insect vectors of diseases. Although ultraviolet and blue light are usually most attractive to arthropods, degree of attraction varies among orders...


... ALAN is said to affect insects e.g. by attraction (van Langevelde et al., 2011) or repulsion (Longcore and Rich, 2004), interfering with pollination (Knop et al., 2017;Macgregor et al., 2017) , feeding (Langevelde et al., 2017), chemical communication and mating behaviour (Donners et al., 2018;van Geffen et al., 2015) . Differences in spectral power distribution, colour saturation and brightness of light are the most important characteristics that influence insect attraction to lights (Longcore et al., 2015). ...