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In the Neotropics, bat-pollinated plants secrete relatively dilute nectars dominated by hexoses (glucose and fructose) with only small amounts of sucrose. We investigated the concentration and sugar composition preferences of Saussure's long-nosed bat (Leptonycteris curasoae) and the long-tongued bat (Glossophaga soricina) to test the hypothesis th...


... Muñoz-Romo and Kunz (2009) obtained complete behavioural sequences of the smearing behaviour of L. curasoae from 14 h of video recordings (see also Muñoz-Romo et al., 2011a), in the Paraguaná Peninsula, Venezuela. Under captive conditions, behavioural investigations of species of this genus have mainly addressed dietary and metabolic aspects (Howell, 1974;Herrera and Martínez Del Río, 1998;Voigt et al., 2003;Rodríguez-Peña et al., 2007;Ayala-Berdon et al., 2008. Cognitive (Henry and Stoner, 2011) and reproductive (Muñoz-Romo et al., 2011a, 2011b attributes of their biology have been rarely examined. ...