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Ecosystem service concepts can offer a valuable approach for linking human and nature, and arguments for the conservation and restoration of natural ecosystems. Despite an increasing interest in the topic, the application of these concepts for water resource management has been hampered by the lack of practical definitions and methodologies. In thi...


... WES exists in multiple categories of ES. For example, WES provides water resources for human use (supply services), WES has a significant impact on soil conservation and biodiversity maintenance (support services), WES contributes to achieving the hydrological cycle and water purification (regulation services), and WES provides natural landscapes of rivers and lakes for ecotourism (culture services) (Brauman et al., 2007;Grizzetti et al., 2016;Rosini and Revelli, 2020). Previous studies have found that WES is most closely related to human well-being in all ES categories and plays a very important role (Hackbart et al., 2017;Seifert-Dähnn et al., 2015). ...