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The Global Happiness Policy Report is produced by the Global Happiness Council and contains papers by expert working groups on happiness for good governance. Our chapter on work and well-being provides evidence and policy recommendations on best practices to promote happiness and well-being in the workplace. The first Global Happiness Policy Report...


... Earlier studies establish that unemployment reduces subjective well-being in a significant way (Winkelmann and Winkelmann 1998;Kassenboehmer and Haisken-DeNew 2009;c.f., De Neve and Ward 2017;De Neve et al. 2018); and that this effect is large even in areas with high levels of unemployment (Clark et al. 2010;Helliwell and Huang 2014). There are scarring and scaring effects of unemployment, too, such that the insecurity from being unemployed in the past or the threat of being unemployed again in the future is large enough to affect subjective well-being (Clark et al. 2001(Clark et al. , 2018Knabe and Rätzel 2011). ...