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Paralysis is defined as the complete loss of muscle function in any part of the body. It occurs when there is a problem with the passage of messages between the muscles and the brain. Some paralyzed people cannot move even a single part of the body other than their eyes. Hence, the main aim of this paper is to design a real time interactive system...


... Previous eye-blink detection systems evaluate ocular status as open or closed [40] or eye-closure pathways [41]. For each image, other approaches employ template matching, which lists open and/or closed eye templates and computes a standard cross-reference coefficient for each eye region [42].In order to begin with a blink detection, the eye must first be detected. This is done by employing a pretrained model that offers us sixty-eight face points.Then map the landmarks on the face found.The process is in three sections implemented.Load the pretrained model's contents into an object first.Next, use this object to map the signs on the face seen in the frame and then, as shown in the figure (6), to extract the Cartesian coordinates of these landmarks . ...