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The Hesperornithiformes (sometimes referred to as Hesperornithes) are the first known birds to have adapted to a fully aquatic lifestyle, appearing in the fossil record as flightless, foot-propelled divers in the early Late Cretaceous. Their known fossil record—broadly distributed across the Northern Hemisphere—shows a relatively rapid diversificat...


... Diving as a foraging strategy in birds is relatively uncommon, and several studies have focused on the evolution of the strategy in specific taxonomic groups (e.g. penguins [28], Charadriiformes [29], loons and grebes [30], dippers [31], kingfishers [32] and Hesperornithiformes [33]). Many of these groups are found within Aequorlitornithes and several different diving techniques have evolved, including pursuit diving (wing and foot propelled) and plunge diving, with other taxa occupying various non-diving niches. ...