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Jøn, A. Asbjørn 2003, 'Vampire Evolution', mETAphor, vol. 2003, no. 3, pp. 19-23. Examining the way that shifting images of vampires within texts have been shaped this article explores the ways that vampire imagery could be analysed to meet the needs of the (secondary level) Higher School Certificate English course in Australia. It examines a ran...
This article explores (through a sociological research framework) the way that modern American Vampyre subculture participants have interpreted vampire lore to shape their interactions and group dynamics. Some key elements within the subculture were discussed and implications of the dynamic analysed.
This article followed the publication of Robert E.Rhinehart’s book ‘Players All’ and analyzed several of the theories suggested within it through the lens of other recent research. Topics covered include the Olympics, professional Ice Hockey, Cricket, American Gladiator and professional wrestling.


... On EBSCOhost there were two hits for vampire (Keyworth, 2002;Laycock, 2010), and two additional findings on ResearchGate (Stephanou, 2014;Cohen, 2018). On EBSCOhost, ProQuest and ResearchGate there was just one hit for vampyre (Asbjørn, 2002 Keyworth, 2002;Laycock, 2010). Following this, several books about real vampires, were written and released between the 80's and 90's. ...