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Mindfulness has come to be considered an important approach to help individuals cultivate transformative capacity to free themselves from stress and suffering. However, the transformative potential of mindfulness extends beyond individual stress management. This study contributes to a broadening of the scope of contemplative science by integrating...
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Individual mindfulness meditation is only one of several means to enhance mindfulness throughout the Armed Forces. Due to its self-help connotations, meditation by itself may be perceived as less universally appealing in the military, where dedication, service, and self-sacrifice are important values. Therefore, we recommend that the military shoul...


... Another consideration is to examine these variables, in particular mindfulness, from a state perspective rather than a trait perspective to understand how resilience and mindfulness develop and change throughout an intense training situation, such as BUD/S. Since there are indications that the mindfulness trait can be developed through mindfulness training (e.g., Goldberg et al., 2016;Menezes de Sousa et al., 2021;Quaglia et al., 2016) there is value in continuing to consider mindfulness as a trait in addition to examining how mindfulness changes during an arduous training situation (Carter & Tobias, 2019;Friedl & Gifford, 2020). Ultimately, it will be important to consider the context in which mindfulness is studied prior to choosing an instrument to measure mindfulness. ...