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Haptic interfaces allow a more realistic experience with Virtual Reality (VR). They are used to manipulate virtual objects. These objects can be rigid and soft. In this letter, we have designed and evaluated a vibrotactile hand-held device (VibeRo) to achieve haptic cues of different soft objects. The proposed method is based on combining the visio...


... A handheld device (PaCaPa) can provide proprioceptive feedback to render size, shape, and stiffness in VR (Sun et al., 2019). Tasbi and Vibero feature squeeze and vibrotactile feedback combined with pseudohaptics to provide sensations of contact and stiffness in VR (Pezent et al., 2019(Pezent et al., , 2020Adilkhanov et al., 2020). Finally, ultrasound as a mid-air free-hand technology, is able to simulate varying stiffness sensations in VR (Marchal et al., 2020). ...