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Purpose Current injury surveillance efforts in agriculture are considerably hampered by the limited quantity of occupation or industry data in current health records. This has impeded efforts to develop more accurate injury burden estimates and has negatively impacted the prioritization of workplace health and safety in state and federal public hea...


... Based on the previous related works, there are several types of ML methods used to predict occupational injuries such as Decision Trees (DT) Random Forest (RF), Support Vector Machine (SVM), Naïve Bayes (NB), Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and other algorithms. Although these findings contributed additional value to the existing knowledge, there is still a paucity of a comprehensive analysis of the use of ML in predicting occupational injuries and the comparison of the performance prediction of different ML models [23]. To address the inadequacies of the existing body of research, in terms of, most of the previous studies focused only on a type of industry [13,24,25], therefore, limiting the generalizability of the findings and inadequate exploration of important variables of occupational injury as an example type of injury and prevalence of affected parts of the body in model development [26]. ...