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Complex fistulas of the duodenum and biliary tree are severe complications of gastric surgery. The association of duodenal and major biliary fistulas occurs rarely and is a major challenge for treatment. They may occur during virtually any kind of operation, but they are more frequent in cases complicated by the presence of difficult duodenal ulcer...


... Many procedures have been described for dealing with complex duodenal injuries [7]; however, there is no consensus on the ideal surgical option given any particular situation [2] with different schools of thought propagating the most effective surgical solution [7]. While different authors who reported iatrogenic duodenal injuries managed them differently with varying success [2][3][4], few authors have reported the results of pancreatoduodenectomy in this setting [7,[9][10], and to the authors' knowledge, none such cases have been reported from their country of origin. In a recent study by Lissidini, et al. [7], out of 169 performed pancreatoduodenectomies, only two were for iatrogenic duodenal perforations. ...