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An unexpected new subgenus and species of Campodeidae (Diplura), Plusiocampa (Pentachaetocampa) inopinata subgen. et sp. nov., a troglobitic species found in Schallsinger Höhle in an isolated karstic region in southwestern Germany is described. The new taxon shows two unique characters for the genus Plusiocampa: five dorsal femoral macrosetae and t...


... Campodeinae, the most diverse and abundant subfamily in soils in every continent except Antarctica (Condé 1956a), are widely distributed from humid areas to deserts and also tropical forests. Only 36 out of the 300 species of Campodeinae colonize cave habitats, in contrast to the Plusicampinae and the tachycampoid lineage, in which most of the species show adaptations to cave habitats in karst and volcanic territories (Sendra et al. 2016(Sendra et al. , 2017c(Sendra et al. , 2020aSendra & Weber 2018). ...