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Se exponen y describen las actividades realizadas dentro del proyecto colaborativo e interdisciplinar Universo Roald Dahl, desarrollado desde la Facultad de Traeducción y Documentación de La Universidad de Salamanca con el fin de homenajear al conocido autor inglés.
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The scientific monographs are a paradigmatic case of the changes that the electronic publishing and the digital environment have introduced over the last few years in the scientific communication circuit. On the one hand, its importance in the fields of Social Science and Humanities tends to move towards other forms of representation, basically res...


... In the area of science, the transition process in CEE countries can be primarily characterized by its internationalization. The scientific work of CEE authors has ceased to be valued nationally, but instead is valued on the global scientific market, mainly through bibliometric measures of ranking and citation and national legal regulations for academic promotion based on requirements for international productivity and visibility (Cordón-García et al. 2017;Pajić and Jevremov 2014). Furthermore, the internationalization process has also been evident in scientific journals themselves. ...