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Technical Report
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The management of speed is considered an important safety issue at roundabouts. The approach speed and negotiating speed through roundabouts depends on the geometric design of the roundabout and sight distance. In New Zealand and in Australia, the design standards recommend long approach sight distances and provision of relatively high design speed...
Conference Paper
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Over recent years a number of rural crash prediction models have been developed in New Zealand for specific purposes. However, all models to date are deficient as they do not contain all the known important predictor variables, and generally are based on limited sample sizes. As a result New Zealand does not have suitable rural crash prediction mod...


... The procedure pointed out that the road users' improper behaviour was mainly affected by a combination of roundabout geometric design, markings, and signs. The need for higher consideration for the geometric design of roundabouts to improve road safety is consistent with previous studies whose results attributed a considerable proportion of roundabout crashes and drivers' unsafe behaviours to at least one undesirable geometric feature or ineffective traffic control device (Novák et al., 2018;Pulvirenti et al., 2021;Sacchi et al., 2011;Turner et al., 2009). The SI also proved that even low-cost safety measures such as the removal of risk factors related to markings and signs have a huge safety potential as they affect the driver's perception of the roundabout. ...