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In the Sultanate of Oman, data from the late 1990s showed total discharges to the sea by treated effluents from Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) of 250,000 m3/day, equivalent to 91,250 x 10 3 m3/year from 8 STPs. Data for the year 2003 show much lower discharges (38,705 m3/day, equivalent to 14,127x 10 3 m3/year from 267 STPs). This was due to a wise...
Technical Report
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"MRMEWR (2003) Status Of the Marine Environment Report (SOMER) - Sultanate of Oman Country Report to UNEP Regional Seas Programme / ROPME Sea Area (RSA). Ministry of Regional Municipalities, Environment and Water Resources (MRMEWR), Muscat. 106 pp Working Group: Mendonca V, Jupp B, Al-Jabri M, Al Muzaini M, Al-Sariri T


... As the region experience high temperature and salinity, desalination plants aggravate the continuous discharge of highly saline brine leading to serious ecological damage. In late 1990s, data showed a total discharge by treated effluents (domestic and industrial) of more than 250,000 m 3 /day and this are discharged from various Sewage Treatment Plant along the Coast of Oman (Al Muzaini et al., 2004). By-products of these discharges are suspected to lead the changes in temperature, salinity along with the physical and chemical composition of the sea. ...