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The in vitro method in use for the determination of beta-carotene bioaccessibility involves simulated gastrointestinal digestion followed by ultracentrifugation to separate the micellar fraction containing bioaccessible beta-carotene and its quantitation. In this study, the suitability of two alternatives viz., membrane filtration and equilibrium d...


... Several studies have reported that it is possible to estimate the bioaccessibility of bioactive compounds by evaluating the quantity transferred to the micelle fraction following a simulated in vitro digestion procedure [15]. Several methodologies may be used to assess bioactive compounds' bioaccessibility; among them, the most common is in vitro digestion [16]. The bioaccessibility of bioactive compounds depends on various factors, including their abundance within the food matrix, the heat of processing, and food additives such as dietary fat, oil, and certain enzymes [10,15]. ...