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In web application, being a non-quality requirement, usability has been quite a concern for a product to be more successful and efficient for users in the competitive market. User centric design methodology is also based on usability design. Even usability is just a non-functional requirement but usability analysis and design can impact the behavio...


... Figure 9 illustrates the breakdown of the websites domain. Studies on websites included (i) the introduction of "Guideliner," an automatic evaluation tool for the web user interface based on predefined usability guidelines (Marenkov et al., 2018b); (ii) proposed guidelines for requirement engineers and project managers to help define appropriate behavioral and functional requirements for web application interfaces (Anjum et al., 2018); (iii) development and evaluation of industry design guidelines by conducting an empirical pilot study with professionals in New Zealand for web-based interfaces (Goellner et al., 2009), and (iv) development of a multi-levelled framework for web application user interface design guidelines (Beier & Vaughan, 2003). Moreover, a usability guideline was proposed to evaluate non-immersive desktop web-based photo-realistic virtual environments (Villanueva et al., 2004). ...