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Freshwater is crucial to human society, not just for domestic uses such as drinking and washing, but also for agricultural productivity and many other activities. Water is expected to become increasingly scarce in the future; this is partly obvious in many African countries, due to climate change. In recent years, there is high confidence that clim...
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This chapter examines the impacts of climate change on three tropical crops and assesses the climate change adaptation options adopted by rural farmers in the region. The study was conducted among farming communities settled in three major ecological zones in Nigeria. Over 37 years of data on rainfall and temperature were analyzed to examine climat...


... The relationship is, however, in uenced by the level of inputs [41,42]. Despite changes in climate conditions, the study found an increase in cassava production, as illustrated in Figure 4. Yet, earlier study have shown that long dry spells combined with high temperatures can have a severe in uence on yield, since the effects of rainfall and temperature on tuber crops are clear, particularly for cassava, which can reach 95% probability levels [43,44]. Because rainfall volume and frequency during the time immediately following planting affect yield, an increase in land committed to cassava production may not result in a comparable increase in yield. ...