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One of the major challenges that face our national oil company is microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC). In spite of biocide treatment in the facilities, the serial dilution results continue to confirm a high proliferation of sessile and planktonic bacteria in all the water handling systems. Planktonic and sessile samples from different gath...


... 3 Additionally, in 2015, 16S ribosomal RNA characterization was commissioned based on a molecular microbiological method (MMM) of quantitative polymerase chain reaction for the enumeration of specific bacteria species that contribute to MIC in the facilities. 4 However, company-wide adoption of the MMM awaits the development of a NACE consensus standard. Meanwhile, the inhouse guideline (Table 2 of reference 2) for quantifying sessile and planktonic bacteria proliferation continues to be based on the serial dilution test method. ...