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Because Irish myth and folklore had been suppressed by church doctrine and British control of school system, W.B.Yeats used his poetry as a tool for re-educating the Irish population about their heritage and as a strategy for developing Irish nationalism. Thus the participation of Yeats in the Irish political system had its origins in his interest...
This paper presents the implementation of digital chaotic signal generator "twisted map" based on reconfigurable LFSRs. The robust digital implementation eliminates the variation tolerance and electronic noise problems common in analog chaotic circuit. In this paper an improved piece-wise linear one-dimensional iterative map such as "twisted map" w...
In this paper the developing of the Reliability function R(t) and the expected time to system failure is presented for a non – maintained standby systems with considering a non – Markovain processes and indicate some cases where they can be reduced to simple Markov processes.


... The PN sequences which are generally produced by the linear feedback shift register are the most popular codes used in the multiusers applications. Although PN codes have many attractive properties, however it has also many drawbacks, such as the limitation of the number of such sequences [4]. Another main drawback is its periodicity feature, which makes the intercepted signal is predictable and is reconstructed by linear regression, which leads to limit the security. ...