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Spatial configuration of Quaternary active tectonic features along the southern Caribbean plate boundary suggests that the region is subject to a compressive strike-slip (transpressional senso lato) regime, characterized by a NNW-SSE maximum horizontal stress (σ H=σ1) and/or an ENE-WSW minimum (σh=σ3 or σ2) horizontal stress. Stress inversion appli...


... The Maracaibo block is bounded to the west by the left-lateral Bucaramanga-Santa Marta Fault (BSMF) whose slip rates are estimated less than 0.2 mm/yr and 3 mm/yr along the northern and southern segments, respectively (Paris et al., 2000;Jimenez et al., 2015;Diederix et al., 2009). The Bonaire block is separated from the Maracaibo block by the dextral Oca Fault with a slip rate between 0.2 mm/yr to 2 mm/yr (Paris et al., 2000;Audemard et al., 2006). In our definition of the Macondo block, we use the velocities of VDPR and BOBG sites located in the aforementioned Maracaibo block (See Fig. S1). ...