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The loading pattern of a transport-loading facility of a flexible manufacturing system for the treatment of base members was proposed in this article. The dependences allowing determination of the loading coefficient of the transport-loading facility for different types of work were found. Methods for loading reduction of the transport system and o...
The temperature rise in the cutting zone during high-speed milling is considered. A method of calculating this temperature rise is proposed.
Existing recommendations regarding the high-speed milling of metals are considered. To optimize the cutting temperature, an inverse method of determining the best cutting speed in the turning of KhN77TYu high-temperature nickel alloy is proposed. MathCAD software is used to calculate the machining conditions.
The prospects for additive technology in facilitating the manufacture of components for gas-turbine engines are considered. The expediency of electron-beam melting (EBM) in the manufacture of monowheel impellers is considered.


... The overall change in average Ra was 45-63% over dry cutting and 23-43% over flood condition in comparison with MQL strategy. The fact that the heat rises as a result of the increase in Cs facilitate plastic deformation and flow of chip resulting in a decrease in Ra [35]. The highest value formed under dry condition was 1.35 μm. ...
... excellent corrosion, superior wear resistance, and fatigue resistance above 800-900ºC (than the other conventional materials) have contributed significantly toward its widespread applicability. [21,22] Besides, Inconel 718 retains its mechanical strength (at room temperature); at about 1375 N/mm 2 (tensile strength), which decreases by 20% of its value to about 1100 N/mm [2] at 650ºC. [23][24][25][26] As a result, most of the aircraft structures and critical temperature sections of Table 1. ...
... The most common PBF techniques in the industrial field are laser PBF (L-PBF), also known as selective laser melting (SLM), and electron beam melting (EBM) [25]. Among the metal AM processes, EBM has been already used for mass production for aerospace and medical applications [26,27]. EBM is able to build complex geometry workpieces with high precision [28][29][30]. ...