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Background: In recent years, apple cider vinegar has been singled out as an especially helpful health remedy. It has been widely used in various dosage forms in alternative medicine for several conditions such as diabetes and obesity. In this study, the effect of apple cider vinegar on blood glucose level has been evaluated. Methods: Intraperitonea...


... Persimmon vinegar Acidity: 5.2% Reduced hepatic triglycerides and total cholesterol [124] Pineapple peel vinegar 0.8 ml vinegar High potency in restoring the Gonadosomatic Index on diabetic rats [125] Apple cider vinegar Different acidity and dilution Shows potential impact on glycemic control, hyperlipidemia and control on body weight in type 2 diabetes patients [126][127][128][129][130][131][132] Anti-hyperglycemic effect on postprandial glycemia in non-diabetic females [133] Rice vinegar -Acetic acid content reduced blood pressure and renin activity in spontaneously hypersensitive rat [134] Nypa palm vinegar -• Enhanced anti-glycemic effect compared to metformin. • Enhanced insulin level up to 79.8% • Significant anti-glycemic effect. ...