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The field trial was conducted at Qwshtapa district , Grdmala village, which is 30 km far from center of Erbil city to compare between nine genotypes of cotton (Gossipum hirsutum L) during the growing season 2016, the genotypes were (Coker 310, Lachata ‘Iraqi genotypes ’ Cafko, Dunn 1047, Montana, Stone Ville ‘ USA genotypes ‘, Bakhtegon, Khdorda ,...


... While, figure 2b represents the interaction of factors that V1S1M1 and V1S2M1 had the highest number by almost (37.3 and 32.9 bolls plant -1 ), respectively at Grdarasha and Ainkawa as compared to V2S2M0 and V3S1M0 which had the lowest number of bolls plant -1 . These results in agreement with Mahmood et al. (2020); Sarlach and Brar (2020) found that different varieties significantly affected number of bolls plant -1 . In addition, Kazemeini et al. (2016) told that residues of wheat straw increased number of bolls plant to (24.93). ...