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The aim of this paper is to solve the problem of placing safety stock over a Logistic Network (LN) that is represented by a Generic Bill of Materials (GBOM). Thus the LN encompasses supplying, assembling, and delivering stages. We describe, in detail, the recursive algorithm based on Dynamic Programming (DP) to solve the placing safety stock problem under guaranteed-service time models. We also develop a java-based application (JbA) that both models the LN and runs the recursive DP algorithm. We solved a real case of a company that manufactures fixed brake and clutch pedal modules of cars’ brake system. After running JbA, the levels of inventory decreased by zero in 55 out of 65 stages.

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... The study of a real-life application was carried out in a manufacturing plant that assembles fixed brakes and clutch pedals modules [7] using the java-based application in [22]. ...