Spotlights: A new way to showcase your work and engage with your audience

June 20, 2022

We are excited to announce the beta launch of Research Spotlights, an exciting new way for you to showcase your recent research and engage with your audience. You can think of Spotlights as a post to help create visibility for your recent work, and start a conversation with a wider audience — beyond your current connections.

How Spotlights work

  1. Choose a piece of research. ResearchGate members can select one of their recent papers to showcase.
  2. Decide how it’s presented. Add keywords and other details about your work to help others understand why your research is relevant.  
  3. Reach the right people. After a Spotlight is created, your followers can automatically see it in their home feeds. Additionally, we’ll use our new audience algorithm to show your Spotlight to other relevant researchers in your field for 30 days. These researchers will see your Spotlight in a dedicated box in a prominent position in their home feeds.
  4. Engage with the community. People can comment on Spotlights and directly engage with you and other researchers about your work. We believe this is a great way for people to support their peers, ask questions, start conversations, and spark new ideas.

How Spotlights can help you

Get your recent work seen by more people in your field
Spotlights are especially designed to help you expand the reach of your research and get it seen by the right people on ResearchGate. Every day, researchers from all over the world visit their home feeds. Spotlights use a new machine learning algorithm to match the research you want to showcase with relevant people in your field. Spotlights let you present your work to more people than just your followers, so they’re a great way to get you and your research seen by people who don’t know you yet. And by adding keywords and additional details — such as what you accomplished or why your research is important — you can grab their attention and help them quickly see the relevance of your work.

Get reactions to your work and connect with your audience
Engaging with other researchers in your field is one of the best ways to show your support, make new connections, and generate new ideas. With Spotlights’ new commenting feature, your peers can show you their support with questions or words of encouragement. Spotlights also help you connect with people who are interested in your research and who are working on related topics, or experiencing similar challenges.

And because when people comment on your Spotlight, their followers also see your Spotlight in their home feeds, comments can help you grow the size of your audience even further.

Discover recent research from people you’re not connected to
With Research Spotlights prominently displayed in your home feed, staying up to date with relevant research just got easier. Spotlights help you find out about recent research related to your work and, at the same time, discover new researchers in your field whom you don’t know yet. And because Spotlights are presented by the actual authors with keywords and details, you’ll get to see their best work and can easily understand their relevance for you — saving you time and energy.

What’s next?

Spotlights are currently a beta feature, which means we’re still experimenting with how they work. Only a limited group of ResearchGate members can create Spotlights, but everyone can read them and add comments. We’ll keep you updated on our plans for Spotlights in the future.

If you have any feedback or questions about Spotlights, please get in touch with us here.

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