We’re making ResearchGate more relevant for you

August 16, 2022

As more and more of our professional and personal lives move online, managing a steady stream of digital information becomes increasingly challenging. This is especially true for researchers like you who need to constantly stay up to date on the latest research happening in your field.

That’s why we’ve made some updates to ResearchGate that help increase the relevance of your home feed and the emails we send you.

Home Feed Update

The Home Feed is how you can stay up to date on new research from your network and in your field. To give you more control over what content you see, we removed automatic co-author updates from your feed. You can still receive updates from your co-authors, but only if you choose to follow them. This helps us make sure you see the updates that are most relevant to you. 

Email Update

We’re also taking this focus on relevance to our email communications. We decided to focus on sending you only the most useful updates via email. This includes emails that let you know when you’ve been cited, when other members have engaged with your work, and important updates about researchers you follow on ResearchGate. Emails that we believe are less relevant, like notifications about researchers you don’t follow, have been significantly reduced. 

We hope these changes will simplify your ResearchGate experience and make it easy for you to get the most relevant information from the platform. In the future, we plan to continue making ResearchGate an even better place for discovering research and staying up to date. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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