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    ABSTRACT: A method to widen the microwave spectrum by radiating two pulses of different FWHM is presented. Based on this method, a high-power ultra-wideband dual-pulse radiating antenna is developed. The antenna is made up of a half-impulse radiating antenna (IRA) over a ground plane. The diameter of the reflector is 3 m with focal length 1.2 m and the ground plane is a rectangle of metal with length of 4 m and width of 3 m. Three TEM horns are adopted to feed two pulses into the reflector. The antenna can radiate two different bipolar pulses with peak-to-peak width of 1.7ns and 3ns effectively. The 3ns bipolar pulse is after 1.7ns bipolar pulse with a delay of 12.5ns. Simulation analysis and experiments on the antenna are performed. Good agreements between calculated and measured results are obtained. The radiated spectrum of the 1.7ns pulse covers from 240MHz to 400MHz, while the radiated spectrum of the 3ns pulse covers from 110MHz to 210MHz. The radiated spectrum of the combined 1.7ns and 3ns dual-pulse with a 12.5ns delay covers from 100MHz to 430MHz. Results show that radiating the combined pulses is a more effective method to widen the microwave spectrum than radiating a single pulse. KeywordsUltra-wideband-Dual-pulse-Radiation-Antenna-Spectrum
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