Moutian Fan

Yunnan Agricultural University, Panlong, Shaanxi, China

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    Yang Yang · Yuezhi Pan · Xun Gong · Moutian Fan
    [Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: Citrus hongheensis is a critically endangered species endemic to the Honghe river region in southeastern Yunnan, China. Its genetic diversity and differentiation were investigated using Inter-Simple Sequence Repeat (ISSR) markers. One hundred primers were screened, and a total of 245 loci were amplified from seven natural populations by 13 informative and reliable primers. Of these 245 ISSR loci, 233 were polymorphic and the detected variations revealed a relatively high level of intraspecific genetic diversity. At the population level, the mean percentage of polymorphic loci (PPB) was 36.50%, while the average expected heterozygosity (He) and Shannon diversity index (Ho) were 0.1327 and 0.1972, respectively. At the species level (across all populations), PPB was 95.10%, while He and Ho were 0.3520 and 0.5195, respectively. A high Gst value (0.6247) indicated that there is significant differentiation among populations, which was confirmed by AMOVA analysis (Φst=0.6420). Pairwise genetic identity (I) values among populations ranged from 0.6341 to 0.7675, with a mean of 0.7008. We propose that the high level of genetic differentiation may be the result of habitat fragmentation and limited gene flow (Nm=0.1502). For effective in situ conservation and population restoration of C. hongheensis it will be important to maintain historical processes, including high outbreeding rates, sufficient gene flow, and large effective population sizes. Keywords Citrus hongheensis -Conservation-Differentiation-Genetic diversity-ISSR fingerprinting-Rutaceae
    Full-text available · Article · Dec 2010 · Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution

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