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    J Microbiol · Akhilesh Upgade · Aashu Nandeshwar · Lalit Samant
    [Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: Proteases are an important class of enzymes and account for the major industrial market in the world. There are various sources of proteases as they occur naturally in all organisms and constitute 1 to 55% of the gene content depending upon the more of attach they have been broadly classified as exoproteases and endoproteases French beans are commonly grown in India and this fairly rich in protein content as well as minerals. French bean meals thus can be modified suitably for the growth of fungal species. Our study supports the fact that French beans are a moderate type of solid state fermentation substrate for protease production using Aspergillus spp. The aim of present study was Isolation and identification of protease producing Aspergillus spp., solid state fermentation of French bean meal using isolated Aspergillus spp., Quantification of protease. French bean meal fermentation medium as a solid state system reveals encouraging results. Proteases are very important enzymes and in the present study a maximum amount of enzyme activity of 0.0565 + 0.00282 µm of tyrosine produced per min. in 48hrs. Although in the initial phase up to 48hrs. A steady increase in enzyme activity can be observed but on prolonged incubation the enzyme activity became lowest in 216 hrs. With an intermittent interval of increase could also be seen at around to 288 hrs. Although French bean are not known to be richest source of nitrogen even then they are supporting solid state fermentation of protease production.
    Full-text Article · Jan 2011

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