Kousaku Hama

Kobe University, Kōbe, Hyōgo, Japan

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Publications (2)

  • Kousaku Hama · Koji Murai · Yuji Hayashi · Laurie C. Stone
    [Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: Mental workload is useful to evaluate performance of ship bridge teammates: a captain, a duty officer, a helmsman, and a pilot. The physiological indices, heart rate variability and nasal temperature, are good indices of the mental workload found in ship handling; however, it is best if we get response and evaluation results quickly on the spot. A recent study shows salivary amylase activity is reflected by the sympathetic nervous system. This paper proposes that salivary amylase activity shows a ship navigator's mental workload during ship handling.
    Conference Paper · Nov 2009
  • K. Hama · Y. Matsuo · K. Murai · [...] · Y. Hayashi
    [Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: In Japan, an evaluation of on-board ship handling training depends on professionals who have a lot of experience on board. This style is common for human skill practices worldwide. However, it is difficult for a cadet to understand his progress, because real ship training includes every distraction; the same case never happens in his student life. On the other hand, the knowledge is easy to learn. We are looking for an evaluation method to support instructors' teaching methods and cadets' progress. Salivary amylase activity shows stress levels in cadets, and we can measure it for one minute. This paper shows the cadet's and the instructor's salivary amylase activity together and demonstrates that the salivary amylase activity is a useful index.
    Conference Paper · Sep 2009

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